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Woodstock Receives Municipal Power of Change Award

Award recognizes outstanding achievement in energy efficiency

HARTFORD, CT - JUNE, 17 2014 - At the Power of Change Award event at the State Capital, June 17, the Woodstock Green Energy Commission received the prestigious Power of Change Award for Municipal Innovation.

The 2014 Power of Change Awards celebrated the energy efficiency achievements of more than 20 Connecticut state agencies and municipalities.  The winners received awards for their innovative initiatives and approaches to reducing energy spending and protecting the environment – efforts which benefit all Connecticut residents.  The event also featured recognition of the award winners by state legislative leaders and members of the Power of Change Award committee.

Robert Klee, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, addressed the gathering of more than 100 participants with a message that reinforced the importance of energy efficiency, both as a cost savings measure, but also as a key way to reduce carbon emissions,  He noted, “The cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy you don’t use.”

Jim Stratos, chairman, received the award on behalf of the Woodstock Green Energy Commission.  The Honorable Mention was awarded in the Municipal Innovation category for achieving the only town in the state to purchase 100% clean renewable energy for all municipal buildings and public schools and to be the only town in the state to have solar photovoltaic systems installed at all municipal buildings and public schools. Woodstock has also earned the EPA Green Partner Award.

“We’re fortunate to have government leaders and board of education members who recognize the importance of clean renewable energy and setting an example for others to follow.  Woodstock now ranks among the highest communities in New England who have installed residential PV systems and we feel that this is a direct result of what we have done in local government.”

The sponsors of the Power of Change Award (the Common Sense Fund, Hampshire Foundation and the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation) brought together a panel of energy and environmental experts from government, business, academia and advocacy organizations to judge the 2014 entries. The judges included John Rathgeber, President of CT Business and Industry Association (CBIA); Jessica Boehland, Kresge Foundation; and Bryan Garcia of CEFIA, Connecticut’s green bank.

In her remarks, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation President, Michelle Knapik noted, “As these award winners have shown, investments in energy efficiency, energy infrastructure, best practices and behavior provide immediate, multiple and long-term benefits. These town and state leaders are demonstrating what is possible to achieve in the built environment, and they are setting an example for public leaders nationwide.  Their efforts put Connecticut on the leading edge of transforming our relationship with energy – this is a path toward a brighter, cleaner energy future.”

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