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Woodstock is a rural, agricultural, and historic town located in Connecticut. This place will bring peace and quiet to anybody's mind as it has lots of great pastoral views. Its population is relatively small - 7,860 people. The guidebook 1,000 Places to See Before You Die includes this city in its list.

Woodstock is famous for encouraging and supporting small businesses and manufacturing, dairy farm activities, farming, and open space conservation. If you decide to come here, you will find many old shops, farms, craft shops, restaurants with a particular theme - jet aircraft components, electrical switches, fancy soaps, micro porous plastics, beautiful furniture, fiberglass components, toiletries, and kitchen cabinets.

The most exciting part is that one-third part of people living in Woodstock has a college degree. This is impressive, and it suggests there is a high intellectual power there. That is probably why lots of people own their businesses and have a personal idea developed.

Woodstock's history

Woodstock's history starts back from the 17th century when it was one of the most significant areas of praying towns. The Christians here used to have many customs, traditions, and religious ceremonies. After a civil war in 1675, Woodstock became deserted, and the crops and corn were burnt. Massachusetts bought this location in 1682.

The present name of Woodstock was established in 1749, and then it became a part of CT.

In the 18th century, the town was already famous for its influence in the local industry. It had lots of small factories, various mills, and other businesses.

In the 19th century, Woodstock's industry-level decreased, and it became a rural town. Yet, lots of rich people from all over the USA continued to visit this place.

Today, the town is the same – people want to visit this quiet place for relaxing, having a good time, visiting original restaurant designs and local food.

Woodstock's residents are proud of their town, and they have created The Woodstock Land Preservation and Land Acquisition Fund. Local people are indeed friendly and will help each other in any way they can.

Woodstock local businesses

Woodstock government creates all the best possible conditions for its residents. They have even signed a contract with some companies from different domains to offer a special treat to the town's inhabitants.

BeautyBay has several preferred locations throughout USA and Woodstock is one of them. The women from this city can buy high-quality cosmetics from this online shop at reasonable prices.

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Visit Woodstock

The town's authorities are trying to preserve the historical features of the city and make it even better in this way. A town will prosper only when its residents will invest time, money and effort in it. To see the full list of activities you can do in Woodstock access this link.

Visit our town! Maybe you will like it so much that you will want to live in it!


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