Sat, Oct 20, 2018

1MW Solar Brownfield Installation


CLICK HERE for information on the 13th Annual Toy Drive being held at the Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association, November 10, 2018, 9am - 4pm

Road Work on Route 169:  The Connecticut Department of Transportation has announced that a milling and resurfacing project will be performed on Route 169 in Woodstock beginning Monday, October 8th.  Motorists can expect lane closures to occur on Route 169 from the intersection of Route 171 to the Massachusetts State Line.  The regular work schedule will be from 7am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday.  Modifications or extensions to this schedule may become necessary due to weather delays or other unforeseen conditions.  For further information you may call the CT DOT at 860-594-3062.

CLICK HERE to see what Recreation Programs are available here in Town.

David Elliott, Woodstock's Emergency Management Director, has a newsletter!

Check to learn about VA Photo ID cards. 

News from the Recreation Department! Please stop by and welcome our new Recreation Director, Crystal Adams!  The Recreation office is now located on the Main Level of the Town Hall, Summer Schedule is call for appointment. 860-928-0208 x332. smile

The CT Dept. of Motor Vehicles has implemented a new process for issuing driver Licenses and ID cards.  Click on the link http// for more information.

Quiet Corner Garden Club Programs for 2018.

We love the Quiet Corner!  Click HERE to celebrate all the great places to visit, eat at, and experience!

Thanks to generous sponsors and donors, Crystal Pond Park (fka Camp Nahaco) now has an 18-hole Frisbee Disc Golf Course! Click HERE to learn what's new at Crystal Pond Park!

Click on the link for the 2018 Pomfret Senior Center Calendar, the 2018 Pomfret Senior Newsletter, and the 2018 Pomfret Senior Center Menu.

Sweet Evalina's now offers an Electric Car Charging Station




Click Here for the Notice of the October 23, 2018 Candidate Debate for 50th District State Representative and 35th District State Senate sponsored by The Woodstock Academy to be held at 7pm at the Woodstock Historical Society, 523 Route 169 in Woodstock.


 The First Selectman holds regular office hours at the Town Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please call 860-928-0208 x310 to set up an appointment.

The Board of Selectmen have set the following new Town Hall Hours and days of operation beginning July 1, 2018: 

All Town Offices will be open Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30PM and Wednesdays 8:30AM to 6:00PM. 

Fridays, the Office of the First Selectman will be open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Fridays in July & January only, the Office of the Tax Collector will be open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Click Here to see the 2018-19 General Government Budget

We know your time is valuable!  But consider volunteering a few hours each month to make a big difference in your community? Listed below are the Boards and Commissions with vacancies available. Please call either the First Selectman's Office or Town Clerk's Office with any questions.  

  • Beautification Committee (1 full)
  • Charter Communications (2 full)
  • Conservation Commission (1 full and 3 alternates)
  • Eastern Regional Mental Health Board (1 full)
  • Inland Wetland (3 alternates)
  • Recreation Commission (2 full)
  • Zoning Board of Appeals (3 alternates)
  • Application for Boards and Commissions

The Arboretum: Click HERE to read more about what a treasure the Palmer Arboretum is for Woodstock, or click HERE to get started on some Letterboxing fun!

Many thanks to Savage Systems of Putnam!
View video-recorded Board of Finance meetings.

View the results of our most recent Audit (FY 2017)!  Click for the Single Audit Reports, and Financial Statements!

Safety First! Check out our newest House Numbering Flyer or the "House Number Ordinance" (page 52).


Pay Taxes Online

You may register to vote at the Town Clerks Office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am - 4:30pm and on Wednesday from 8:30am - 6:00pm.  Click here for more information on the Registrar of Voters special voter making sessions.

Time to renew your dog license at the Office of the Town Clerk!  You can use the drop box out front of town hall if you stop by after hours.  Beginning July 1st we will be closed on Fridays. Until June 29th there will be no penalty. The late fee beginning October 1st of $4.00 will be assessed.  New dogs should be licensed when they reach 6 months of age and renewal licenses are always purchased in June.  Please remember your rabies certificate.  The fee is $8.00 if dog is fixed and $19.00 if dog is not fixed.

2018 Transfer Station Permits will be 1/2 price beginning September 1st!  Bring your vehicle registration in with you to purchase one!   2018 Transfer Station Regulations--Woodstock

New! A limited number of 2018 Transfer Station permits are now available for purchase by Pomfret residents. Bring your vehicle registration and proof of residency to the Town Clerk during regular business hours to purchase one.  2018 Transfer Station Regulations--Pomfret

Calculate YOUR Taxes with the FY18-19 Mil Rate of 24.50.  Your assessment can be viewed on Vision Appraisal.

Click here for important information from the DMV concerning your car tax bill.

Click here for the Tax Collector's Legal Notice.

Click here for some important information regarding downed power lines.

FROM THE BUILDING OFFICE:  Online building permitting is now available! Click to get started. 


Please click here for scam alert from Northeast  Utilities.

white violetYes, the Town of Woodstock does have an official Town Flower!
Recently, a resident posed this question, and after some research by Judith Gries of the Beautification Committee, we have the answer.  It is the White Violet

Calculate Your Estimated Taxes
Assessed Value
Mil Rate
(per thousand)
Estimated Tax:$

For Table above: Key in your Assessed Value*, followed by your mil rate of choice, and click Calculate. CURRENT mil rate (FY2013-2014) is 22.28. Please remember to use your Assessed Value to accurately compute your proposed taxes.

*Contact the Assessor's Office to confirm your assessed value. Be sure to include your name and property address (s) in your email OR click on Vision Appraisal to get your assessment (s) online.





All property owned by anyone operating a business in the State of Connecticut, unless specifically exempt, must be declared and assessed by the assessor. Such property is to be assessed at 70% of it’s fair market value. The values declared on the personal property declaration are to be based upon those values submitted under Federal tax returns.

Even individuals not engaged in business may own personal property subject to taxation. For example, unregistered motor vehicles (campers, trailers, trucks, off road construction vehicles, etc.) are to be declared and assessed based upon the average retail value. Horses and ponies must also be declared as personal property. Note that there is an exemption amount per animal.

The “three month rule” establishes the situs of certain personal property for the purposes of taxation for non-residents. In short, the owner of tangible personal property located in any town for three months or more shall file a personal property declaration. Personal property may be discovered by various means such as: licenses, trade name filings, newspapers, advertisements, field inspections, etc.

Each year you will receive a Personal Property Tax Form prior to October 1st. This form is used to list your personal property subject to taxes as of October 1st and is to be filed with the Woodstock Assessor by November 1st. A reminder notice of this filing date will always be posted by the 15th of October either on Town Hall property or website or in a local newspaper that has a general circulation in town. If you do not receive a declaration form, -ASK- it’s your responsibility. The town is not mandated to mail out the personal property declarations. Those of you who employ an accountant may want him/her to prepare your personal property declaration. They are familiar with the process and may even have software to process the declaration electronically.

The ABC’s for filing your Personal Property declaration.

A.   File Early. An incorrect or incomplete declaration form will be returned for correction. Resubmit the form by November 1st or the 25% penalty will be added. An incorrect or incomplete filing will not be logged in as filed and will be considered a no-file.

B.   No longer in business or no taxable personal property? If you receive a Personal Property Declaration, but believe you are not taxable, tell us why. Are you out of business? Is your business in another town? If you believe your property is not taxable—why? Return the form telling us all about it. If you don’t return the form with an explanation the Assessor will file for you and add a 25% penalty.

C.   The returned form must be complete. Return all pages.

  1. Complete the section for information about your business (description, employees, how long in town, location, etc.). (long form page 5)
  2. Put owner’s name or business name if incorporated on all pages.
  3. Enter original cost, including transportation + installation under the proper category and next to the year purchased. If purchased prior to the last year listed on the form put total next to “Prior years”. Don’t forget Code 23-average supplies.
  4. “Lessee’s report”, list anything used in the business that you don’t own. We must have the owner’s name and mailing address. Do your best with the other information requested.
  5. Under “Disposal, Sale and Transfer…” we need at least the year acquired and the acquisition cost so we can make sure you are not taxed for disposed equipment.
  6. Check off all allowable exemptions.
  7. Signature must be original. If you are signing as an agent your signature must be notarized.

A reminder: Please file this letter with your tax records for review next October. Remember, the assessment is calculated on information received (or not received) from the taxpayer on or before November 1st. Let’s be fair to everyone and file a correct and accurate declaration. If you have questions on the Personal Property Declaration or what property is to be reported, please feel free to ask for help. The Assessor’s department may be reached at 860-928-6929 x327 or via e-mail (click HERE).

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