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Public Safety / Fire Protection

IN AN EMERGENCY (Fire, Police, Ambulance) CALL 911

Connecticut radio and television stations are a timely source of information in an emergency

Town of Woodstock Public Safety

  1. Animal Control Officer: 860.774.1253
    • Rabies Information or Exposure
  2. To report a wild animal attack on humans:
    • Northeast District Dept. of Health: 860.774.7350
    • Dept. of Environmental Protection: Wildlife Division - 860.424.3333
  3. For more information about rabies:
    • Contact your Animal Control Officer
    • Northeast District Dept. of Health: 860.774.7350
    • Dept. of Environmental Protection, Wildlife Division: 860.424.3011
  4. Center for Disease Control
  5. Burning Officials - contact your local Fire Department,  the Town Fire Marshall at 860.963.2347, or click the following link:  wvfa76.org/publicsafety.htm
  6. Chief Constable: Stu Morse (860) 617-7321
  7. Emergency Management Director: Dave Elliott 860.428.2084.

Fire Protection

Woodstock has a Fire Marshal, and three volunteer Fire Departments:

The goal of the Fire Marshal's Office is to present fire safety and prevention techniques to town residents, ensure compliance with fires safety codes and standards, and assist with fire suppression and hazardous materials activities within the three Woodstock Fire Departments.

  • Fire Marshal: Richard Baron  860.963.2347

Bungay Fire Brigade, Station 77 serves West Woodstock, Woodstock Valley and Kenyonville.  They also provide mutual aid to the rest of Woodstock.  Address: 1256 Route 171, Woodstock CT 06281.  Station phone: 860.974.0316.   Fax: 860.974.0647. Web Address: www.bungay.com. 

Bungay District Burn Officials: David Elliott: 860.428.2084

Muddy Brook Fire Department, Station 75 serves North and East Woodstock.  Address:  93 Woodstock Road, East Woodstock CT 06244-0222.  Web address:  Station phone: 860.928.3032. Web Address: http://www.muddybrookfire.net/

Muddy Brook District Burn Official:  Russ Dowd:  860.928.5397

Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association, Station 76 serves South Woodstock. Address:  399 Route 169, Woodstock CT 06267.  Web Address: http://www.wvfa76.org/.  Station phone: 860.928.3163.

Woodstock Volunteer District Burn Official:  Tim Young:  860.928.4773 or 860.928.0283

Health Department

Public health in Woodstock is under the purview of the Northeast District Department of Health in Brooklyn, CT: 860.774.7350

State Police

State Police Troop D serves Woodstock.  Their phone number is 860.779.4900.  For emergencies, dial 911.

Fire Safety Resources

Pistol Permits

  • To obtain a permit, get an application and fingerprint card from the First Selectman's Office or call 860.928.0208 x 310.
  • For Conservation Education/Firearms Safety Courses, see Firearms/Bowhunting/Trapping on the CT DEEP website, or call 860.642.7239




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